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About the Rabbi

Joseph Bell was born Jewish and raised Conservative Judaism in his home town of Newton, Massachusetts (a suburb of Boston).  At the age of 29, through a friend’s loving encouragement, Joe finally relented to read the New Testament; he then recognized how very Jewish the New Testament is.  Through a miraculous work of the Lord, Joe asked the Yeshua to come into his life.  Joe committed his life to Jesus and immediately dove into serving the Lord.  Jews for Jesus invited him to study theology with Dr. Louis Goldberg and train as an evangelist; thus Joe began his formal ministry training in New York City while leading over 100 people to faith in Jesus that summer. In 2007 Joseph received full ordination as a Jewish Rabbi by the IAMCS [International Association of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues].   Joseph currently serves as Executive Director of For Zion’s Sake Ministries and as Rabbi of Ari Yehudah Messianic Congregation in Bristol, Tennessee. Joseph also served as president of the Bristol Area Ministerial Association from 2002-2004. 



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