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August 2022

The Water Has Broken: The Seals of Revelation 

August 2022 Newsletter

Learn how the Bible teaches us about how to understand the end times through the study of the birthing process.  We are looking forward to the beautiful Kingdom, but pain is part of God’s process.



This Year -2022

June 2022

The Promise of the Father: A Shavuot/Pentecost Message        
The promise of power is a second portion of the Holy Spirit.  Learn of the three baptisms that can change your life and give you victory.

April 2022
April 2022

Attack of the Beast        
The Beast is on the move.  Rabbi Joe discusses the prophetic understanding of the Beast and how it is operating in the world today.

February 2022
February 2022

The Image of the Beast
The statue of a strange beast placed at the United Nations Plaza in New York uncannily resembles the  Beast described in Revelation and Daniel.  Rabbi Joe discusses the significance of this event and how it is playing out on the stage of the world.

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