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The Lost Mountain of the Lord (New)*** 

The Last President of the United States pt.1     (Most Read)
The Last President of the United States pt.2 
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Sharing Jesus With our Jewish Friends - pt. 3 (most read)
The Second Exodus                          (most read)

 Biblical Feasts:  

Passover: The agony and the Love of Messiah     (Passover-Resurrection)
Passover is Back after 1700 Years! Why?      (Passover-Resurrection)
 Is Your Name Inscribed in the Book of Life?       (Rosh HaShana)  
Shalosh Regalim            (Passover, Shavuot, & Sukkot)


Other Feasts

The Decree                     (Purim) 
Jesus Celebrated Hanukkah         (Hanukkah) 
Hanukkah, the Millennial Temple, and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb (Hanukkah)

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The Divided States of America (July 2020)
Prospering In a Time of Famine
 (April 2020)  
How To Activate Faith   (March 2020) 
 Prophecy and Prophets Today (January 2020) 
As It Was In the Days of Noah (October 2019) 
The Second Exodus (September 2019) 
The Kinsman Redeemer and the Mystery of Inheritance (July 2019)   
Elijah's Mantle: Getting Equipped for the Last Days (May 2019)
Elijah's Cup: Its Passover and Prophetic Meaning (April 2019)
Ministry Updates and Events (March 2019)
Super Blood Moon: Signs in the Heavens (Jan 2019)
The Hanukkah Prophecy (December 2018)
Great Revivals in the Bible: Past, Present, Future (October/Nov 2018)
 Are Your Wedding Garments Without Spot or Wrinkle? (September 2018)
Jesus & the Jewish Wedding Ceremony pt.2 (July/Aug 2018)
Hezekiah's Passover and the Lost Tribes of Israel (April 2017)  
The Roman Centurion's Love (July 2015)
I See a Blood Moon Rising: Passover and the Blood Red Moons, Pt II  (Feb 2015)




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