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Great Revivals in the Bible; God's Pattern Yesterday, Today and Forever November 2018

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The Fall Feast of the Lord: God's Calendar and Pattern of the End-Times November 2017

Messianic Judaism the Missing

Key to World Revival July 2017

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Passover: The Agony and the Love of Messiah March 2016

Running With The Vision Jan/Feb 2016

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The Roman Centurion's Love July 2015

God Uses Shepherds To Deliver His People June/July 2015

The Decree May 2015

Blood Red Moons, Part II February 2015

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The Blood Red Moons of 2014-2015 Part I November 2014

Occupy Till I Come August 2014

The Great End-Time Islamic War July 2014

Purim: Remembering the Days of Queen Esther February 2014

Jesus Celebrated Hannukah Dec 2013

God's Great Name Oct 2013

The Shalosh Regalim August 2013

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Pentecost is a Jewish Holiday May 2013

Jesus Rose from the Dead On Passover March 2013

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Is your Name Inscribed in the Book of Life? August 2012

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The Storm of the Lord August 2011

Is God Calling You to be a Ruth? May 2011

A Story of a Ruth May 2011

Is God Calling You to be an Esther? March 2011

Connect With Israel March 2011

Forest Fires an Opportunity to Bless Israel December 2010

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Look to the Cross not the Cradle December 2010

Romans 11 - Greater Riches! October 2010

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