In thePassover


    Rabbi Joseph Bell is available to present a teaching on Messiah in the Passover to your church or group.  Passover has been celebrated since the Exodus from Egypt and the original story has deep significance for both Jews and Gentiles, it is a miraculous story of redemption that we all can learn from and celebrate!

     But the traditions of Passover do not merely look back on our common religious history and the miracles associated with the deliverance of Israel from slavery in Egypt.  Each of the customs associated with Passover, including both the original instructions in scripture and the customs incorporated into the service from the generations since the first Passover, have a deeper significance than at first seems apparent.

  • What does Passover have to do with Jesus?
  • Why are certain dishes always associated with the Passover meal? 
  • What dish is surprisingly absent from a traditional Seder?
  • Why is an extra place setting reserved at the table? 
  • Why does the bread look so strange? 
  • Is the significance of Passover merely historical, or is it also prophetic? 
  • Are Gentiles allowed to partake of the Passover? 
  • And why would they want to, anyway?

We invite you to participate in a Messianic Sedar to find out the answers to these questions and many more.  It is our fervent prayer that through participating in this ancient ceremony you may have a deeper understanding of His word and a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.